Track Star With An Urban Soul
Function over form. The Old School Hard Core Rider (OSHCR) views a bicycle as a utilitarian piece of equipment. As necessary in every day life as a pair of shoes. Make it strong. Make it handle. Make it fast. Make it last. That, my friend, is what the OSHCR demands. Make it cool. Make it unique. Make it mine. These are the things that the OSHCR deserve as well. There is a package that offers everything.

To the you I offer the Shillelagh, for those that like to hammer. The Shillelagh is built for the track. Sure you can ride it on the street but this isn't a road bike converted to a track bike. This is a track race bike through and through. 120mm hub spacing for that perfect chainline that track bikes offer and built for all the riding that you want to dish out. Typical geometry is aggressive but built to suit you with short compact chainstays and horizontal top tube. This set up delivers telepathic steering. You think it, it goes. Brakes? You want brakes? Fine, you can have them . . . on the fork.

Standard Key Features

Columbus Steel Tubing
Unless the specific build calls for something else, we use lugged steel from Columbus for our frames. The Italian steel mill has long been the preferred choice for frame builders because they produce tubes that are lightweight, extremely durable, and offer a range of tube sizes which gives the builder options to choose from for each custom build.
100% Custom 
Part art and part science. This is what the custom experience is all about. You'll work 1:1 with Tim to pull of the details together to create something that is tailor-made just for you. We only work on one bike at a time so while your bike is getting built, Shamrock Cycles is literally only thinking about you how to deliver the bike that you want.
We will provide you with some color options to help guide your decision making but the paint scheme is ultimately up to you. Corby Concepts paints most of our frames and paints the decals on as well. All Shamrock frames are adorned with a beautiful polished Pewter head badge making it clear that you're riding the Lug of the Irish. 
Build Specific Dropouts
Responsive handling and maximum power transfer are some key characteristics that every Shamrock design focuses on. Achieving these characteristics requires purposeful selection of even the smallest of components. We strongly believe that Paragon dropouts are the best out there so feature them on the majority of our builds.

Popular Upgrades

Integrated Bar/Stem
If you're going to use this as a track racer (you should), you may want to consider an integrated bar/stem combination. Not only is this set-up more aerodynamic but it's also stiffer. 
Matching Disc Wheel
A custom disc wheel for your custom frame? You're sure to stand out on the track and cruising around town. We'll work with you and the wheel manufacturer to bring your idea to life. 
If you want additional braze-ons such as pump peg, chain hanger, rack eyelets, canti studs, etc. there is no charge.  We can work together to 
figure out what you want and don't want. This is a custom build afterall.