Shamrock Cycles Race Team

Embodying the Spirit of Cross As It Should Be

Meet the Riders

Tim O'Donnell

Nickname or Aliases: The Boss, Our Great and
Shining Leader, Mother of Dragons and Breaker of Bike Chains
Years on the team: From day damn one
Role: Puppets don't dance unless someone pulls
the strings.
Racing category: Cat 3.5 Masters
Racing style: Go out slow then taper
Favorite Venue: Gun Club
Favorite part of being on Shamrock: No other
team would have me.
Favorite memory: Riding a tandem with Fred at
seemingly every race last season.

Fred Iversen

Nickname or Aliases: Mother, the GingerViking, Fredly, TIm
Years on Shamrock: 6
Role on the Team: Doer of things, herder of
cats. Team Mother
Racing Category: Cat 3 Masters
Racing Style: Missionary
Biggest Rival on the Course: Mike Connaway,
Races like 4 times a year beats me every damn time.
Favorite OVCX Venue: John Bryan, St. Mary,
Favorite Part of Being on Shamrock: Being on
Shamrock, duh
Favorite Racing Highlight or Memory: John
Bryan 2012, Finished in top 10. The SSWCCXKY 2014 that weekend was insane.

Will Sherman

Nickname or Aliases: Frodo, Honey
Years on Shamrock: 8th year (Maybe? I've hit
my head a lot during my time on the team.)
Role on the Team: Captain
Racing Category: Elite Masters
Racing Style: Aggressive
Biggest Rival on the Course: In order of
desired win: Baumer, Rodkey, Prater
Favorite OVCX Venue: Dry: John Bryan, Wet:
Favorite Part of Being on Shamrock: The love
of CX that we all share and, of course, the heckles
Favorite Racing Highlight or Memory: Podiuming
at Gun Club after leading out the elite wave through the out and back. Second best is two wheel drift bump pass into Baumer in the last corner of Bloomingcross for the win.

Janet Sherman

Nickname or Aliases: Lipstick
Years on Shamrock: 7
Role on the Team: Token minority female
Racing Category: Cat 3 women
Racing Style: Individual TT
Biggest Rival on the Course: The person
immediately ahead of me or immediately behind me
Favorite OVCX Venue: John Bryan
Favorite Part of Being on Shamrock: Getting
confused with Jimbo.
Favorite Racing Highlight or Memory: Racing
against Blair Whitney at John Bryan and hearing her teammates yell,"There's no friendship between the tapes!"

John Essex Wheeler II

Nickname or Aliases: Wheels, The Man, Il Duce
Years on Shamrock: 6 yrs
Role on Team: Keeping cat 4 real, video guy
Racing Category: 3 1/2
Racing Style: have fun
Biggest rival on course: the guy in front of me
Favorite OVCX Venue: Bloomingcross, sometime
Harbin and the Ol' Kings
Favorite Racing Highlight or Memory: Podium at Harbin

Jimmie Foster

Nickname or Aliases: Jimbo
Years on Shamrock: 6 yrs
Role on the Team: be an athletic supporter
Racing Category: 3
Racing Style: I dunno
Biggest Rival on the Course: the last guy on
the race course
Favorite OVCX Venue: they no longer exist (Gun
Club-original, King's CX
Favorite Part of Being on Shamrock: the team
Favorite Racing Highlight or Memory: when I
finally made the podium

Rob Annis

Nickname or Aliases: Bottle Rocket
Years on Shamrock: Four? I may have blacked
out for part of that time.
Role on the Team: Triton Brewing Company Beer Mule
Racing Category: Cat 3 Masters
Racing Style: Go as fast as I can in the
straights; try not to fall over in the turns
Biggest Rival(s) on the Course: Shamrock has
one of the weirdest dynamics in Ohio Valley Cyclo-Cross (OVCX) racing --
we're more competitive with each other than other teams. 
Favorite #OVCX Venue: Bloomingcross
Favorite Part of Being on Shamrock: Post-race erotic massage 
from Tim O’Donnell
Favorite Racing Highlight or Memory: Getting
the hole shot at the #IndianaCross Boone County Fairgrounds race,
gapping the field, then blowing up spectacularly before the end of the first

2017 Partners
Primary Sponsor
Triton Brewing
Triton has been brewing Indianapolis’ best craft beer since 2011. Founded by Jon Lang and David Waldman, Triton has become famous among beer fanatics for their tasty creations such as Deadeye Stout and Railsplitter IPA. The beer is so popular, Triton expanded to a second location, Triton Tap, in Indianapolis’ popular Broad Ripple two years ago.
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Technical Partners
Offering lube, grease, handlebar tape, and other various sundries, NFS has become the go to lube for those with the "set it and forget it" approach to maintenance. Shamrock Cycles is thrilled to have NFS product on our chains, in our bearings and on our bars. 
Silca believes in perfection, beauty, and true value. Founded in 1917 by
 Felice Sacchi just outside of Milan, Italy, Silca was the world’s most groundbreaking bicycle-pump manufacturer for decades. In 2013, Claudio 
Sacchi, grandson of Felice, sold the company to former Zipp executive 
Joshua Poertner, who moved the company to Indianapolis, Indiana. In the 
years since, Silca has once again become synonymous with excellence, 
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